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SQL Performance

If you have to access persisted data, of course, you do not have to necessarely use SQL. But in case you do, knowing something about SQL-performance helps. I just did a this 3-minute test on SQL performance (for Oracle), with

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Databases on SSD

SSD disk are becoming increasingly popular. As they read faster, you might consider running databases such as Oracle DBMS, MySQL or non-sql databases. However, interestingly, originally databases are optimized for tradition hard drives with spinning disks: most importantly: data is

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Proxying authentication using JBoss

Wouldn’t it be nice if the connection to the database is done using the same username as the username used to login to a (JEE) application? Oracle has a solution for that: proxy authentication.  When using proxy authentication, every application

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Alternative to SQL

Database alternative, for people just browsing and scanning, I’ll write in staccato. Relational model pretty good, but we need a better implementation of the relational model, SQL, at least the way it’s used now, is just to primitive and cumbersome.

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