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JavaFX 2.0

Yesterday I attended a NLJug meeting at Oracle at De Meern on JavaFX, called ‘JavaFX 2.0 EA‘. The meeting was presented by Roger Brinkley, who’s a called ‘Community leader’, of Mobile and Embedded. That he was formally part of Sun

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InfoQ, Tim Bray on the Future of the web

I often view or read the InfoQ, a site with articles on software development, programming. Almost all content they publish is very good. One I just saw was: Tim Bray on the Future of the web, an interview with someone

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Swing popularity rising

Years ago I developed several Swing application – most of them are still being used now. Later I switched to webapplication using http, javascript and html. I do like thinking about client-server communication, distributed software, databases and other parts of

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Pattern in RIA

The Flex framework is getting more and  more populair, and other similar RIA-frameworks as JavaFX and Sliverlight get a lot of attention. Some people see Flex as a alternative for webframeworks as Widget, JSF, Struts or GWT. However, there’s something

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