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Proxying authentication using JBoss

Wouldn’t it be nice if the connection to the database is done using the same username as the username used to login to a (JEE) application? Oracle has a solution for that: proxy authentication.  When using proxy authentication, every application

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JBoss on Linux

Lately I tried to run JBoss on my Linux-installation (KUBuntu 9). I got lots of java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space errors while starting JBoss 5. First I thought that had something to do with Linux. I google’d the error, and from what

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Threads-alternative in JEE: using the timerservice

A common problem in in developing Java Enterprise (JEE or J2EE) application is working with threads, or more generally executing code asynchronously. Starting and instantiating threads in the old-fashioned java way is not allowed. The reason: within JEE you work

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Open JMX consoles

If you search on google on DummyResourceAdapter, you’ll find (at least currently) a lot of open administration consoles of JBoss, the JMX-console. These consoles should not be available to the open internet, but I guess someone forgot the close them.

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Distributed software with JGroups

JGroups A distributed application, where nodes of the application communicate with each other over a LAN using UDP. Each nodes discovers other nodes automatically, when a node crashes or shuts down, all nodes give notice automatically. And this is all

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Lessons learnt using JBoss 5 clustering

Last week I spent some time getting clustering to work using JBoss 5.0.0 GA. I made a few mistakes and I thought I share them – even though they were rather obvious: In JBoss you have have a few standard

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Frustation on JBoss

For some application I need a notion of ‘shared state’ within a cluster of computers within a network. The software will have to run on JBoss. Yesterday I had successfully setup a JGroups using the default configuration. Using a fine

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