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Scala Days 2015 Amsterdam

Two weeks ago I visited Scala Days 2015, in Amsterdam. The conference was great, with a lot of high level content. Sessions I visited. I’ve attempted to order them by what I found most interesting, but the order certainly not

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Going to do functional programming

I’ve learned about functional programming during my university years, with Haskell as primary language. I considered functional programming as quite elegant, but also impractical. I felt I could get practical results more quickly when using Java or C# than using Haskell. Sometimes I

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Demonstrating using GWT-RequestFactory and Spring togetter

I present a sample-project that demonstrates using the GWT RequestFactory together with Spring.

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Serializable Exception in Java

When  you use Wicket as webfrontend framework to build your application, sooner or later you’ll encounter the NotSerializableException. This is because Wicket will want to serialize any state you have into a HTTPSession. In Wicket, the first three pages are

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Wicket Exception when using wrong order in addComponent

Today I working on a application that uses the Wicket framework. I was plagued with the following Exception: WicketMessage: org.apache.wicket.WicketRuntimeException: component myForm:myTable:editor not found on page nl.gerbrand-ict.gui.HomePage[id = 4], listener interface = [RequestListenerInterface name=IActivePageBehaviorListener, method=public abstract void org.apache.wicket.behavior.IBehaviorListener.onRequest()] Root cause:

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JavaFX 2.0

Yesterday I attended a NLJug meeting at Oracle at De Meern on JavaFX, called ‘JavaFX 2.0 EA‘. The meeting was presented by Roger Brinkley, who’s a called ‘Community leader’, of Mobile and Embedded. That he was formally part of Sun

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Creating an ear with version for Weblogic using Maven

Using the ear plugin of Maven 2 creating an ear is very easy. The produced ear follows the JEE spec, so you can normally use it in any application server. I’m using the ear plugin as well, in my case

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Google buys Instantiations

A while a go I used to do Swing development, and I sometimes used the tool of Instantiations to develop my GUI. I quite liked the tool. Before that I used Visual Basic and Visual Studio frequently. I never fully

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Stuff to research: JDO on Cassandra, GIT on Windows, Restlet, VMForce

Just had evening of just trying out stuff and not finishing anything on my Windows machine. I wanted to try out a persistence API for Cassandra. There’s a JPA implementation for Cassandra: Kundera, as well as JDO implementation, on top

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Proxying authentication using JBoss

Wouldn’t it be nice if the connection to the database is done using the same username as the username used to login to a (JEE) application? Oracle has a solution for that: proxy authentication.  When using proxy authentication, every application

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