Gerbrand-ICT, freelance programmer

Hello, I am Gerbrand van Dieijen and I work as freelance programmer, changing the world with software. I help people realize their dreams or just enable them to do more then they could before.

To know more about, you can check out my cv at Lindedin. I've also got some code on GitHub. Also Google returns quite some hits.

With irregular bursts I am active on Twitter, Linkedin, Google-plus and Medium. I also occasionaly write on my blog.

Blockchain and bitcoin

2015-11-02 16:07:00 -0500

I heard about Bitcoin a few years ago and was captivated by it immediately. Bitcoins were worth a few dollars, and I was quite thrilled to be able to even buy something with them. The price went up to over $1000,–. Alternative coins we’re popping up, and people started wondering why you’d want to use money that isn’t backed by a central bank. The focus was on Bitcoin as an alternative form of money - or currency in slightly more legally accepted terms. Bitcoin becoming a new world-money did not take off, the price went down again. But instead of going into oblivion people start focusing on the technology behind Bitcoin, the blockchain. Shortly, the idea was that Bitcoin may be irrelevant, its technology is. Of course, as people quickly realized, using any decentralized system requires some decentralized currency, or more general a token to go around. And why get a new currency accepted when there’s already one that’s well accepted and known?

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2015-10-06 05:47:00 -0400

A few months ago I got a twitter ad for a service that would you help deploying mobile applications to each platforms store, market or portal. Having some experience on the minor hassle to get anything on the Play store or Appstore, seems to be a valuable service. So I signed up. This morning I received a surprising mail is shutting down.

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