I’ve created quite some software in the last 15 years, some of which is open-source. Some of that software is on Github.

Here are some very old projects written in languages I wouldn’t use now. Since even the out-dated software is listed in some search results, I’ll list that here too.

  • PHPLycosquote - A adapted PHPQuote, to retrieve quotes from the Lycos site instead of Yahoo. Basically a web-scraping tool.  Software no longer functions as the site has changed. With some modifications you should get it to work.
  • PHPMyNewsletter - I’ve adapted the version for the site a few years ago. The modifications I submitted in CVS, but I don’t know if these were released by the author.
  • Overhoor – An DOS-program I created as teen-ager. The software and source code should be somewhere on my computer – but for now there are nicer alternatives

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