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Demonstrating using GWT-RequestFactory and Spring togetter

I present a sample-project that demonstrates using the GWT RequestFactory together with Spring.

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Scala to extract XML from SOAPUI-project file

I’ve created a small scala-script to extract messages from SOAPUI. Writing this was surprisingly easy, and certainly faster and more pleasant then processing the SOAPUI manually.

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SQL Performance

If you have to access persisted data, of course, you do not have to necessarely use SQL. But in case you do, knowing something about SQL-performance helps. I just did a this 3-minute test on SQL performance (for Oracle), with

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Lots of SF movies and futerist though that the future interface of the computer would be voice: talking to your computer like it was a human. Nothing less is true: the future are gestures to the computer? Why, now that

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Filesystem notifications in Java

Inspired by an OS that went in oblivion some years ago (BeOS) operating systems as Windows, Linux and MacOS all have ways to monitor directories for changes built into the filesystem: meaning if a directory is changed because a file

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Databases on SSD

SSD disk are becoming increasingly popular. As they read faster, you might consider running databases such as Oracle DBMS, MySQL or non-sql databases. However, interestingly, originally databases are optimized for tradition hard drives with spinning disks: most importantly: data is

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OpenID from my website

A lot of websites now provide a way to authenticate yourself via OpenID. That way, you don’t have to remember a separate username and password to login to such a website, while still being secure. The only challenge in using

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Wicket Exception when using wrong order in addComponent

Today I working on a application that uses the Wicket framework. I was plagued with the following Exception: WicketMessage: org.apache.wicket.WicketRuntimeException: component myForm:myTable:editor not found on page nl.gerbrand-ict.gui.HomePage[id = 4], listener interface = [RequestListenerInterface name=IActivePageBehaviorListener, method=public abstract void org.apache.wicket.behavior.IBehaviorListener.onRequest()] Root cause:

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Enabling accesskeys for javascript events

Using the accesskey attribute, you can enable hotkeys for various html input elements. This allows one to get the focus to an input element by using the ALT-key + <CHARACTER> (on Windows) or CTRL-key + <CHARACTER> (on Mac). This way,

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Creating an ear with version for Weblogic using Maven

Using the ear plugin of Maven 2 creating an ear is very easy. The produced ear follows the JEE spec, so you can normally use it in any application server. I’m using the ear plugin as well, in my case

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